[Suggestion] Chord tool

Here is small suggestion, which I think will alleviate some confusion.

In Setup mode, I right click on the player card, and under Chords I get a menu. One of the menu items says “Show For All Instruments”.

Wouldn’t it be easier if it said “Show For THIS Instrument”. At first I thought the ALL instruments were going to show chords, even on instruments I didn’t want it to show.

Just a thought.


I think it means that chord symbols will be shown for all instruments held by that player.

Yes, exactly. The player could be holding more than one instrument, and one of those might be a rhythm section instrument and another might not, so we have to provide an option for whether or not the chord symbols should be shown on all instruments held by the player, just the rhythm section instrument(s) held by the player, or for none of the instruments held by the player.

Ahhhh… that makes sense.

That never even crossed my mind.

Thanks again!