Suggestion: Condensing linked objects inbetween grouped staves

Hi Dorico team

I recently completed a large orchestral work in Dorico 3 and found that, despite the lagging in engrave mode with condensing on (which I know if something being worked on) it saved me a LOT of time.

In the spirit of this, I thought the following could be very useful if implemented in Dorico: condensing linked dynamics and other objects that are the same in two grouped staves e.g. if Horns 1.2 have the same dynamic in Horns 3.4 they are condensed into one dynamic that’s placed inbetween the grouped staves with a small curly bracket. I have attached an example of this from Britten’s “Billy Budd”.

I think this could definitely help save space in full score layouts when the orchestration is large.

Welcome to hear thoughts on this.

All best,

That seems a rather curious choice in that particular score, since there’s plenty of vertical space available!

It would be quite difficult for us to add this option, but nothing is impossible, and perhaps in the future we’ll have time to tackle this, but it’s unlikely to be something we can work on in the near future.

Very true! I was just short at hand for examples but I can see its value for denser scores.
No problem! (it can easily be done through colouring out one of the dynamics and adding a floating text bracket)