Suggestion: Custom Paint Brush Shapes

maybe this already exists?

I like the photoshop concept, I had thought about such a concept when using RX that it should be more like Photoshop.

But like in Photoshop… it could be very very cool to be able to work with different shapes of brushes and to be able to create our own designs.

It somehow exists as you can choose between a square and round brush for each brush tool, as well as its aspect ratio. I don’t see any need for other shapes for most tools, however for creative tools such as the noise spray it could be interesting to have more options.

Yes with noise spray that could be cool. I was imagining scatter brushes for say the clone/stamp tool… essentially scatter sampling of a section and then pasting or even painting that elsewhere.

I think these steps will work for you:

  • you need to create A New Photoshop Document
  • Then, Select The Brush Tool
  • Then, Select A Small Round Brush
  • The Foreground Color need to Set To Black
  • Need to do Horizontal Brush Strokes Inside The Document Window
  • Then go to the Edit menu and select Define Brush Preset
  • Select your new brush from the Brush Preset picker.
  • Open The Brushes Panel
  • Justify the Brush Tip Spacing
  • Click directly on the words Shape Dynamics
  • Then go to “Pen Pressure” option
    The size of the brush can now be controlled dynamically with pen pressure.