[Suggestion] Disable collision avoidance for all text boxes, including dynamics and voices

Hi everyone,

after using the condensing feature on several scores, I concluded a main issue beeing instrument entries, where a lot happens simultaneously, especially voice number, dynamics and additional text like “Solo” or playing techniques.

As you can see, between the staves a giant gap appears, which for now can only be fixed (as far as I know?) by moving those symbols to the left/right and move the staves one by one in engraving mode.
(while it is recomended, to not use that function at all, as a proper locking of the layout is not possible and therefore certain changes in the score will reset all your work)

An easy solution might be, enabling the “avoid collisions” option for dynamics and voice numbers, so you can just move them a little bit to the left or right.
Even better would be an optional approach by Dorico, moving dynamics and voice numbers (especially at voice entries) to the left by a little to avoid those staff-gaps, but I cannot tell, how complicated that would be.

I’d love to hear your oppinion on that topic. I’d might have missed something completly here. :slight_smile:
Best regards!

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+1 for this important request.

I would like to tell Dorico to essentially “just ignore this or that one symbol because I will take care of its placement myself”, but still to continue with its great algorithm for everything else on the page.