Suggestion[?] - Divisi with individual parts

Happy new year everybody!

I wondered, if it may be possible to separate divisi-staffs in their very own part. Because while for the score it is great, to have 4 Horns play uni son on one page, and have them in two or more staffs on another, usually each Horn player will get his very own part in the end. This might not be the idea behind this (great!) divisi system, but I think in several music-styles, this is where increasing or decreasing the number of systems happens the most.

Especially with wind sections in symphonic music or with big wind-sections in concert band you sometimes need 4 or more systems for a group of musicians, which in the next moment play uni son or nearly the same, which only needs one system. Of course this means, that Dorico will need a way to handle separating individual voices in one system.

I am looking forward to what’s going to come!
Best wishes!

This is called Condensing. It’s being worked on right now. You’ll find plenty of threads about it already.

Thank you, I already wondered why I couldn’t find anything about this. :slight_smile: