Suggestion: "Do not show flow name if the project has only one flow" tickable box in Layout options

I think a cool option to have in the “Setup - Layout options / Page options” would be a tickable “Do not show flow name if the project has only one flow”.

Of course, now you can achieve this manually (I do it all the time) and it’s quite easy, but I think it would be a good “quality of life” feature very easy to implement.

This way, you can save your configurations as default and when you’re working in one flow works, the title of the flows don’t appear (just the title of the project) and if you’re working on a piece with several movements, then you don’t have to touch anything to show the different names of the flows/movements without changing anything else.

Maybe it’s something silly, but I thought it could be useful…


Nice idea. With things as they currently are, it might make sense to set Flow Headings to show “Never” in a score layout, then Save As Default, then to repeat for a part layout, rather than “doing this all the time”.

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Fwiw, while I have my flow headings hidden by default since I primarily work on single flow files, I’ve wished for a similar behavior to what you’ve described.

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For the record, when I train new users, this is usually one of the first questions they have. “How do I get rid of that?”

I also think that’s a great idea!

Yes, I agree on that … that would be good.