Suggestion Don't change the value note when exit from insert mode


This Is my litlle suggestion for next Dorico’s version.

When I enter in insert mode I select a note duration for write. After I esc for try a new note, but when enter new in insert mode the note duration is default a quarter note, and if i’m inattentive I write many wrong notes.

it would be nice if at the time of the new entry the value of the note was the same as when I left

Fortunately it’s very easy to correct those wrong notes: engage Insert mode, select the quarter notes that were meant to be another duration, and hit that duration key. Then turn Insert mode off again and resume your input.

I’m not sure that remembering the last note duration would always be a good idea. The nice thing about the current behaviour is that it’s predictable and consistent: either it’s the duration of the note you selected before you invoked the caret, or it’s a quarter note if there’s nothing selected there.

Thank you very much Daniel!