Suggestion: don't show miditrack in EQ comparison

My suggestion for team!
Please, in EQ comparison don’t show miditrack, and don’t show the tracks Who Is impossible do comparison

Already request as part of this

please search requests first and combine efforts, that way we more likely get noticed and applied.

Thank you for your replies, and sorry, I had not noticed the discussion already open

I posted a link in that thread to this thread too. This one is directly specific to the issue in the title.

Great! Thank you!

I’m surprised more haven’t supported this request. Seeing a huge list isn’t very neat, especially when half of the tracks aren’t needed in that list. I belive this request will be honoured though. Something they’ll do regardless.

A lot of us mostly (not always but…) use Instrument Tracks rather than MIDI Tracks. The suggestion makes total sense but the impacted user community might be fairly small.

Ahh yes, that makes sense. I rarely use midi tracks but had been working on some old remixes, importing midi files at the time of update. Had this not been the case I probably wouldn’t of noticed.