Suggestion Du Jour: Tiered Markers

I wish there was a way to place markers within markers… in an expandable tree format—as can be done with folders. This would make organising complex songs -much- easier. Especially if one could copy/cut/paste groups of markers from one to another.

OK, back to the pre-pre-pre-pre-game.



You can. There are two modes of markers: “normal” and Cycle. Cycle is like region (Start and End), and you can Insert 2nd Cycle Marker into the 1st (or different) Cycle Marker. “Normal” marker is just one point, so I don’t understand, how do you want to insert one point to the different?


Thanks for the idea. I guess you’re right in one sense. I just find Cycle Markers -distracting- and hard to work with…especially if they’re inside one another. I guess I’d prefer something more like a ‘tree’ metaphor for organising sections. I’ll consider what yer saying, though.


OK, I’ve been making a concerted effort to use cycle markers and I think that while the metaphor works, Cubasers don’t -use- Cubase like that (or rather… would prefer it to work in reverse.)

For example, clearly the Locators were meant to be a tool for cycle markers. But that’s not how most users see it… which is why all the posts about ‘How Do I Lock The Locators’. We don’t want to lock a cycle marker. The Locator is the thing that should be locked.

Unless I’m missing something, cycle markers can’t be -individually- locked.

And, back to my original b-i-atch… cycle markers are not hierarchical… you can’t have a child inside a parent. And THAT’S what I want.

Actually, if anyone @ SB has a copy of Photoshop, just copy their Layers window (and while yer at it, copy their whole dockable framework!). A Layer in Photoshop can be a child and parent of another layer. You can group layers, lock them, move them, duplicate them, at will.

Ultimately THAT’S what I want. I want markers to be like a Layer… a ‘container’ for a -horizontal- section of a project, that I can manipulate like one can -vertically- with a Cubase Folder or Track/Lanes. For example, if I could select a ‘Layer’ and then change the tempo for that section, or duplicate it, or move it inside another layer as part of a larger section. SB came up with ‘Arrangements’ but it’s too clunky. So are Cycle Markers.

You can -do- anything in Cubase, but the current arrangement of cycle markers and ranges and whatnot is just not that intuitive and slow to work with on big projects.



I’m using Folders for this type of work. Folders are mine layers. I have one folder for Drums, for example. So I can Split and move or copy, or duplicate all Drum tracks together. I have Master folder too. There are all tracks, all subfolder, in this folder. So I can cut it again (all tracks), copy, paste, duplicate, etc.

About the Cycle Marker, you can select the Cycle Marker and choose menu Transport > Locators tu Selection. Than, you can use menu Edit > Range function, like Cut, Insert Silence, etc.