Suggestion Du Jour: VST3 Help/Document Spec

It’s a pipe dream, but II humbly suggest that the VST spec should be updated to include a uniform ‘Help’ system API for plug=ins.

More specifically, I’d like to see some rigor to developers to present their help the same way and stored in the same place.

I’ve got over 100 VSTis and probably more VST FX plug-ins. And they all do ‘help’ or ‘documentation’ in their own way—some in a ‘data’ folder, some in the plug-ins folder, some in a ‘Program’ folder and on and on…

And it drives me nuts when I decide to use a plug I haven’t messed with in many months and have to try and remember where the hell the docs are.

At it’s most basic, I’d like each plug to store it’s docs in the same folder and have a ‘?’ button on the skin which links to that stuff.

For all it’s flaws, the Windows On-line Help system made for -some- consistency. Now pretty much everyone uses PDFs so all I’m really asking for is a ‘button’ in the same place on each plug and a standard storage location for all the docs so I can always know where they’ll be.


Sounds like a good idea. Some plugs already do that, but definitely not all of them.

Aloha and +1

That’s a great idea.