Suggestion - Engraving Rules for percussion

when I’m writing percussion with stems up, I’d like to have for examples the accents for the cymbals above the note. At the moment I always have to choose the note - command 8 - articulation - placement…and change it for every single note seperatly. there is also no shortcut assignable. of course I could also drag the accents…that’ll take more or less the same time.
i can’t change the placement of articulation signs in engrave mode cause i only want these rules for my percussion score.
maybe i’m doing sth wrong - otherwise i think it would be fantastic to have engrave rules for articulation just for percussion.
You guys do a superbe job and sorry to mention things like that.

In Engrave mode you can select the articulation and hit F to flip it to the opposite side of the notehead or stem.

that’s easy :slight_smile: Thanx a lot Daniel !