Suggestion: Example numbers (as in method books)

I have a small suggestion (or large, depending on the way in which it is looked upon)…

I have done numerous method books in the past, and likely will be continuing to do them going forth. It would be nice to have a tool for numbering examples, and placing them at various locations, such as at the front of the line (similar to the placement of instrument names). I know I can do this with rehearsal marks, and dragging them around in Engrave mode. But right now, I don’t have the tools with that method to ensure uniformity in alignment and placement. A dedicated feature of this sort would be very welcomed. Or a way to ensure alignment and placement of rehearsal marks from example to example are consistent would be welcomed as well.


When it comes to such an idea, it would NOT need to have a dedicated popover shortcut (e.g. SHIFT + [Letter]). Since this would be used for such a small percentage of the Dorico population, just the ability to add a user defined shortcut would be more than adequate.


Great idea! I usually use frames for this, which works really really well, but I feel this is so common that it could be a native feature.

An automated counter (like the ones we have in LaTeX to number fig. or tables) would be really the most elegant solution (with properties to modify the looks and the type of numbering tool) ; this can deal with any change of order in the flows… Granted it is not as easy to use for very simple files, but it is so more powerful. Just dreaming here :wink:

Definitely, it could be a very helpful feature; and not just from the perspective of the workflow, but also as a benefit to a user - an opportunity to present those ‘id’ in a consistent easily readable way.


Check out my question about this and Daniel’s response:

I didn’t see that, Musicmaven. Thanks for showing me the link.