Suggestion: faster lengthen notes

I’m inputting notes through qwerty input. With the command alt-shift-arrow left I can change the inputted note-length width the value from the rhythm grid. This works fast!!
I’m working faster when I can change the current note with the length I typed with alt-shift-numkey. For only that selected notes the length added is the same as the numkey.

One eight note + alt-shft-numkey7 will change this in eight+half note. The note-panel won’t be changed so the next note I enter is the eight note.

So you would like Alt+Shift+left/right arrow to change the duration of the note selected in the Notes panel when the caret is visible? This is an interesting idea, but not without its problems; we cannot show a note value like “half note plus eighth note” on the panel, so I think this could make note input rather confusing.

I read it differently, Daniel
Alt+shift+7 (or maybe just shift+7) adds a minim to the selected note.

I think it’s a very good idea

I’m using the alt-sfht more and more when I insert notes on the Mac Book without num keypad.
It’s vert fast to change notes during inputting or editing.
Instead of alt-shft + arrow right 3 , 4 or 5 times it is maybe interesting to add the corresponding numkey without changing the panel. It’s one time (at keypress) that it changes. After the keypress the panel is in the mode before the keypress. Maybe it’s not an good idea and is pressing alt-shft + arrow right 3 , 4 or 5 times faster.

Second suggestion is to change the caretline to the end of note when the alt-shft + arrow-left is pressed. Now the caret line won’t change. The next inserted note will overwrite the note because it is on the position of the original length.