Suggestion for a small further improvement of arrow keys navigation

Thank you so much for the arrow navigation in Dorico 3!

I would like to politely suggest a small improvement that would make a big difference to me:

  • It would be great if Dorico remembers the original horizontal position when repeatedly pressing up/down keys. This would make auditioning of chords distributed over multiple staves more easy (especially with very long tied notes):

For comparison, this is also implemented correctly in all word processors for the text cursor and selection behaviour:

(Only after an edit, or after pressing left/right arrow keys, the ‘original’ x position is updated to a new value.)

  • And the same for remembering the original vertical position (i.e. which note of a chord is selected) when repeatedly pressing left/right keys. This would make auditioning of voice leading more easy. (And pressing left/right would then be easily reversible: arrow left always undoes arrow right and vice versa).

Still another suggestion: with ‘Play whole chord when one note is selected’ turned on, it would be great if it would still be possible to hear only one note when moving through the chord with up/down arrows. So initially, when the first note of a chord is selected, the entire chord is played back. But then, when selecting other notes of the chord, only the selected note is played back. That would make more sense to me because now you don’t hear which note is selected. (I have a very bad eyesight so I read my scores mostly by hearing. That may explain this suggestion. But it also works this way in Sibelius.)

Thank you again for the great work for version 3, and thank you for taking the time for reading this. I hope that you find my suggestions useful.
did not remember original y coordinate.png
remembers horizontal position of text cursor.png

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll think about them, but make no promises!

Thank you Daniel!