Suggestion for a sticky? Or a knowledgebase article?

The articles out there on configuring your DAW from a Windows and hardware perspective are pretty easy to find in the knowledgebase and elsewhere. But what about an article that gets under the hood in the Steinberg ecosystem about increasing system performance?

What I’m looking at is a guide that talks about things like:

  • ASIO Guard (I found the article in the knowledgebase, but that mostly describes what it is and what it is used for… what about recommended settings… the difference between low, normal, high and when to use them?
  • the ysfw utility that saved my entire audio system when I first put it together. Right now, people are reading this and asking, “What is that?”
  • activating multi-processing - why and/or why not?
  • Steinberg Audio Power Scheme - when and when not to use?
  • Audio Priority - Boost / Normal - why might one NOT choose “Boost?”
  • Disk preload - advantages or disadvantages of higher/lower settings.

I do realize that most of these things are mentioned in the manual, albeit briefly. I’m thinking of something a little more in-depth, while still being user-friendly.