Suggestion for Add Interval popup

I think it would be nice to make the popover “shift+I” (add interval) respond to 1 as adding the unison. It seems logical to me, and it could be useful in some situations, as for example double strings that have a repeated note (open string and the same note in another string, for example).

Flower? You mean Shift, right ?

I have checked the original post and it said “s h i t + I”, (I forgot the f), so the forum bot thought it was better to change it by a “flower” haha
I have already corrected it, thanks!

Great ! lol

I would like this functionality as well. What is the procedure for adding the interval of a unison to a chord? I figured out that I can enter a 2 using the Interval popover and then move the note down so that it is unison, but this seems like an unstraightforward way to go about it.

At the moment, there’s no way to force Dorico to create unison notes via the Shift+I popover. We’ll certainly think about whether or not this is something we should change.

Thanks, Daniel. I did notice that I can add a pair of unison notes some interval above an existing note using the popover.:

Select a note, invoke the popover, and type [3,3] and two unison notes will appear a third above the selected note. I just have to think ahead. :wink:

Another easy way to add an unison (even of a chord) is to select the note/s, copy and paste in chord mode, shortcut “Q”.