Suggestion for Ai tools for Cubase


With what’s going with Ai it is quite impressive.
But I think, instead of replacing us,. having ai tools to help out would be a win win:

  1. Tool that takes your performance, for example a strings part recorded with samples, that adds performance to get closer to real life performance.
  2. A magic fill tool - add instrument part or parts, finish the theme, make a transition etc by analysing selected bars of your music.
  3. Correction tool that listens to your music and fixes selected parts which might be musically not viable ( those sometimes happen when you experiment )
  4. Ideas tool - generates short parts based on prompt
  5. Mixing tool - basically mixes the whole piece with prompts. For example " make it sound as a orchestra playing in Vienna Hall"

Some might hate it, but I think this would be beneficial. We all can write good music to certain degree, some better than others, but I believe that for work most of us just want’s to complete music faster by avoiding the chores ( how many times you can put in arpeggios on 2 notes? before it gets extremely boring )

  1. A tool to give you musical ideas
  2. Write them
  3. Perform them
  4. Arrange them
  5. Orchestrate them
  6. Mix as per a prompt
  7. Master as per a prompt
  8. Export and Publish on Spotify
  9. Get you a music deal
  10. Manage your contracts
  11. Represent you to agents
  12. Register your music with the PRS/MCPS, ASCAP/BMI
  13. Get and manage your on-line payments from Publishing and Sync fees
  14. Cook dinner for the kids
  15. Take your dog out for a walk
  16. Make coffee

I understand this part of your statement. Based on what you’re implying, why not have AI do non-creative work? You know… so it doesn’t “replace us”. Here’s example tasks AI should actually do:

  • Generate Logical Editor presets based off descriptions/prompts.
  • Color code events based off of prompts
  • Rename events based off of conditions and user behavior
  • Recommend presets based off of analysis of current musical content
  • Automate MIDI Remote development based off of some user input.

Then there are Non-AI tools such as generative MIDI events similar to the new functionality in Ableton Live 12 which generates MIDI clips according to specific settings such as key, shape of note events, etc.


Well, yeah. It is going to happen regardless.
It’s down to us to either incorporate it productively and catch up, or be consumed by it. And tools are tools. If someone will use it to create only with AI, which will also happen, there’s nothing we can do about it. We only can add those tools to our process, and continue writing music.

From pt19 to 21, this is already happening with robots anyway.

Those sound good too. Could also be added.

My suggestions where made strictly from what I would want and frankly in some cases need. But I believe that there would be others who would benefit from them.

Some of us use this software for work. So AI tools will be necessary in order to keep up with the hyper-productivity of capitalism and its unfair expectations.

Then some of us use the software for enjoyment. This is where AI tools would be less relevant. If I enjoy the craft of woodworking, which I do, I may not want a tool that automatically makes some chairs for me.

If anything, Steinberg can consider a separate AI add-on that does all the creative work for those who need it.


Yes, keeping up with the requirement for productivity is priority for me.
If I want to enjoy fully the creative process then I can just write something for myself and release it.
At the same time, who wouldn’t want their vst orchestra to sound more convincing? I think everyone.

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If “productivity” is the goal, it’s important to understand that AI will replace many of us. This is the nature of its design. We can’t have it both ways in this current spectre of capitalism. I recommend you look elsewhere at other tools like Suno. I imagine in a few years a tool like this can generate separate tracks and loops and be easier to edit and change.

I agree. But I still want to write my own music mostly, just elevate it at the final stages of production. I don’t care for suno and udio or 11labs, even if they will have those extra tools for inpaint etc. I’m specifically suggesting tools that will just make your own work sound better than what is currently possible with vst’s.

No 3D printer in your workshop ? :pensive:

The natural thing is to replace the logical editor with prompts. That… that would actually make my life a ton easier.


I know but… if the goal is productivity and if you’re concerned with competing with the other composer who has a faster turnaround… it will be with tools like Suno and Udio. You’re hoping for this sweet spot that won’t happen or if it does, it will be a brief moment.

I lack a workshop but I love the smell of wood so that’s my problem.

When star is being born or it dies, those are the two brief moments when it shine’s the most :slight_smile:

Frankly, what’s happening is quite tragic for a lot of people, but I’m looking at it as glass half full, but only because I’m in such position to be able to look at it this way and Im ready to make the best out of it.

The Microsoft Copilot AI has written several LE Presets for me. All have been correct.

Unfortunately I rarely need to write new LE/PLE Presets anymore. Sure could have used an assist when I was actively building my library of Presets.



I haven’t tried this. Nice!

Keep up, don’t be a dinosaur?..

I heard these arguments in the past in connection to AI image-creating companies. Now, they are closing down and are busy fighting artists in court…who are winning, BTW…

If Cubase offers prompt-creating music (which is the wishful thinking of incompetent musicians), the copyright implications will be such that film music composers like myself, will have to sign an agreement to disclaimers that they are not using such tools, or else…so good luck with using these things, sweating that what has been generated won’t be the exact thing another “composer” will “come up with”…

Where AI is concerned, I begin to understand where the Luddites were coming from. Where AI is concerned.


Idk who’s loosing. Ik that midjourney, playground ai are still here.
Ai doesn’t necessarily has to generate the sound or music from learning songs. It could be taught music rules and sounds of instruments and spaces, while learning how to perform from music sheets. Also, the tools could be limited to several bars at a time ( probably primarily to cut the costs for Steinberg).
I’m nearly 40yo, and honestly I wish we would stay in late 90’s/early 00’s tech wise - production wise, but we’re not, for better or for worst.