Suggestion for Ai tools for Cubase

You actually fell for this?

This is all pre-recorded stored material sitting on servers to be dished out when someone prompts “Epic Music”.

You can’t seriously think there is a magic fairy inside the computer waiting to create something out of thin air.

Who owns this anyway? How can anyone use anything that is so ambiguously created?

Bloody hell, seriously man, man alive…

I am flabbergasted with all this…

There is an end game here, and if this succeeds like all AI lovers and enthusiasts hope for, there will be no more “we have to live with it”. There will be nothing to live with…

Music will become a toy, nothing more. Production companies will hire prompters for 1 dollar an hour, and that will be that.

Dear Raino,

I said, if you read, that I have no problem with AI. In fact, I would love it to solve the horrific issue of timing misalignments that is created by samples from different library companies , which is the bane of my life, amongst other things.


Some folk

That makes sense, I hope my reply was not taken as being derogatory, just offering some advice not knowing the expertise of yourself.

I never said I had a problem with AI being a program to help with tasks.

Guilty as charged! :rofl:

You know, I use Spectralayers and I think it is awesome software. I also appreciate Noteperformer hugely, because it rids me of the busywork of programming in needless (in my opinion) details to VSTi s. I also use Emvoice, mainly to make meme songs and then send them to my friends to upset them so that they call me names and we all have a good laugh.

All AI powered tools with a very narrow scope. I’m absolutely fine with those, in fact I fully support them.

But then, when we go “AI in Cubase, in general”, what do we mean? AI as a method can be applied to anything, from an auto-branching auto-developing Cubase, where the user asks Cubase to improve its next iteration according to the user’s needs, from EQ-wizard, harmony solver (how much different is this to the existing Chord Assistand and Chord Track synergy? One suggests, one realizes.), rhythm wizard, mix wizard, PLE wizard. All of these are feasible, right?

If we had those, I would be very happy, and I would use them a lot (especially the diatonic transposition or addition of intervals). But is it only AI that is keeping us from having these features? Is this not possible without AI? Certainly it is. As long as it was deemed a worthy endeavor and enough resources were allocated to it, we would see them developed.

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NO. INO. It’s like with any high-class artist - education is an addition to talent, work and personality.
And this is the biggest crime of AI - it copies it. And this means that she steals from the artist what is his value and her own - only him.
Another example - if you tell the AI to compose a piece in the style of Chopin or Mozart - and these were recognizable composers because they added their personality to the music - it means that the AI will impersonate these composers with all the power of the algorithms - that is, practically 100%. Even new melodies and motifs as mathematical variations of existing ones can be easily generated.
This is - in my opinion - an infringement of inalienable and timeless copyright - not exactly a copy - but still theft.
And this is largely how AI works.
You can write a book in the style of a given famous author - it’s actually easy to modify it - by mixing several famous writers.
What’s the worst about it?
The creation of culture by man - for man - will end.
This threatens the end of the intellectual elite - tastes and fashions will be created by the owners of AI - i.e. business and ideologists - instead of artists.
Answer for yourself - what will be the end result?

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Don’t be a dinosaur, move on with the times, embrace the future, it’s coming and there is nothing you can do, adapt or die, things change, jobs have been lost due to technology over the last 100+ years, bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla… :roll_eyes:

Have you seen what happened to graphic designers?

Speaking of theft, Midjourney and co, are stealing copyrighted material from the internet to “create” new mind-blowing images…embrace the future. I can’t guarantee you won’t get sued in the meantime :rofl:

That’s key, AI doesn’t really mean much of anything in a general sense. It’s only when you get down to specific tasks that the AI aspect emerges.

Sure. I currently have a bunch of LE Presets for duplicating Notes by various intervals. But I had to build each of them in advance in order to use them. What AI could offer is a more ad hoc approach where it custom builds the LE Preset (or whatever) on the fly as requested and then applies it to a potentially complex selection of MIDI Parts.

Also, keep in mind, the vast majority of AI that we are going to encounter will not be Generative AI. And yet the bulk of the news stories, commentaries, posts, and fearmongering will be about Generative AI…

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I’m not the problem. I also have no influence on reality.
I am adapted, I don’t have to make a living from music - music is a pleasure for me, not a compulsion.
There’s a nice discussion here - and I’m adding my opinion.
And what AI will be used for - and what the future of culture creators will be - I have no idea - but it will definitely be to make money - and real creators will definitely not benefit from it in the end.
Maybe it’s blah, blah - but that’s what writing posts about random topics is all about - ha,ha

It’s not fear-mongering. Other creative sectors are being hit extremely hard by the “cool” innovations of the “groovy” AI that everybody seems to be fond of.

There would be no argument if people wouldn’t be asking for implemented AI to “Fill in the blanks” and “write a few blank bars for the composer”. Surely, you can see the implications of such implementation.

I can’t imagine anyone having a problem with practical tasks, but when the discussions get to “Bach had people writing music for him, what’s the difference?” and defending AI prompt writing, you seriously can’t expect professional musicians to take these things like they are light discussion.

This is a Cubase forum and Cubase users are asking Steinberg to add AI tools in order for said AI to write music for them. This is where I personally draw the line, beyond that, I am all for it, 100% and extremely happy for AI to help with any tasks whatsoever.

I have friends who have seen massive layoffs due to AI, so excuse me for not jumping on the bandwagon of the “exciting AI innovations” including writing full music from thin air.

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Like you or anyone else knows one way or the other how this plays out - your certainty is an illusion.

Just being sarcastic…this is what’s being slapped to anyone who questions creative AI, “don’t be a dinosaur”, “Adapt or die”, etc.

Graphic designers, production designers, and CG artists found out…there was no illusion there.

Admit it, however - a real creator will not demand that artificial intelligence create a work - and sign it. Because a true creator likes to create, he lives it, it’s his passion.
In the worst case - like the past masters (and the current ones) - he will possibly improve them.
But - therefore, he will not have a chance to earn as much as he currently does - because there will be more high-level works created by AI than people willing to buy them.
AI’s performance in this regard is already unattainable by any human - or even a large group of talents.

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I’m pretty sure that game hasn’t even reached halftime yet.

Don’t count your pink slips before the fat AI sings.

OK …


in music we also have the performance of a work.
This saves musicians a bit - even if they perform only partially - because, for example, in a band, they have more chances to play their music than in other industries.
And build your career this way - we won’t be replaced very soon by humanoids who are more willingly listened to by the audience - haha

Don’t you think we have enough warnings and evidence to at least try and avert what many call, the inevitable? Do we have to get there first, which if we do, might be too late anyway? Anyhow, we are going in circles here…

Well, I suppose, performance is one thing, composition is another.

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