Suggestion for an AI function in future release

Hello, everyone

In these days, AI or machine learning can help composing, which saves lots of time
For example, if I create a nice piece of melody, then I will choose some sequences of chords such like Eminor, C7, AbMajor, …
then the new AI function of future Dorico will automatically generate
bass melodies for that melody using harmony or counterpoint or mode? under the given chord sequences
This function is not difficult to develop
Bandinabox already does this function
The generated output can be somewhat random, among possible ways
Then I will modify the generated bass melodies (by future Dorico) to my taste

I want this new function for future Dorico release

So I will appreciate if you have any good ideas about this suggestion

Thank you and have a nice weekend


Phew! …:face_with_spiral_eyes: :joy:

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You could always generate the bass line to taste from available notes in each chord. :expressionless:

:skull: :skull: I’m dead

Wait, I mean the developer is dead


There’s a product called Instacomposer, which can generate bass lines inter alia to a specified chord sequence. You can load it as a VST in Dorico, and drag & drop the product to the key editor.

I wouldn’t call it AI, exactly, but the term is used to hype a range of algorithmic aids such as this one.


I’ve played around with it a little. It is worse than useless (IMO).

I don’t know that the OP necessarily stipulated that it should be good :slight_smile:


AI has clearly already mastered illustrating instruments, so I don’t see why it can’t master writing for them too. :joy:


You can use the melody and the chords already in Dorico to generate chords with the appropriately named „generate notes from chords“ function.
Surely you‘ll get a bass out of there :slight_smile:

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Gives a new meaning to “becoming one with the instrument”.


LOL! Love it!

In regards to the OP: Sure, let’s take composing away from the composer. I, for one, don’t need AI to mathematically stipulate a melodic line, a bass line, or harmonic progression for me. That’s just killing off our art form AFAIC. Would it actually be copyrightable if it’s machine based? Too many variables to consider. Keep AI where it belongs; calling my cell phone about “my Medicare plan options.”


I have better suggestion, why need composers and software at all if we can just make AI do the composition for us while we sit back lazily and wait for mediocrity to show up?

These days I feel like people think they can be a composer (or an artist, really) on a whim, without any sort of effort.