Suggestion for Automation Panel Fill options

I’m happy with the new fill-functionalities in the automation panel since C5.5.
In addition I would suggest a functionality to be able to make a fill automation in stop mode.
Then one can shape an instrument sound without having to play along with the song. When the sound is okay, one can make the automation setting at the beginning of the song or at some locator point.
For me this would be very practical. I guess I’m not the only one to work this way ?

IMHO, we need to be able to record automation in Stop mode… even without any Fill modes (just like we used to be able to do in Cubase VST 5 :wink: )… it worked really well as a kinda poor man’s “snapshot automation”.
Then, yes, obviously, add fill modes to that, and it starts to get very interesting :slight_smile:.
(btw, you know that you can achieve what you already posted above, even while Playing. Combinations of the existing fill modes will get you there, as soon as you drop out of record.)
However, there is one extra Fill mode I really wish were there… “Fill to Loop End”. This would work just like “Fill to End”, except that existing automation data beyond the Right Locator would be preserved.

We need to be able to record in Stop Mode Full Stop.

:smiley: (that reads beutifully! :laughing: )


I don’t know how many times I’ve played something only to realize I cannot keep it and therefore must do the linear record mode thing, as if I have an engineer right next to me anticipating all my thoughts and knowing exactly when to press record, even to engage the click for me automatically.

This kind of thing makes me wonder sometimes if musicians have any input at all into this program or is it only recording engineers. I’m not saying that in a discriminating way but it would be a nice feature for midi at least and would pave the way for a stationary automation recording function.

In other words, there should be more “programmatic” features in this program and we should not have to ask, it should be an ongoing steinberg media project that is designed to improve the usability and accessibility of the application but on second thought maybe that is the purpose of this forum.


Well, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one wishing for this facility.

Yes, I know, and that’s better than it was in C4. But indeed in VST5 and before one didn’t have to start and stop record for this. I mostly don’t play along with the song while shaping the sound. To achieve this now I first have to set the instrument track on solo at a location where I didn’t have already recorded a part, then press record, and then stop to let punch-out write the automation to the start of the song or loop. And then delete the eventually created part with some trying notes and chords that I don’t need. This is a cumbersome manner.

I agree :wink:

Correction: of course there’s no need to record the trying notes and chords, but one still has to play the song in automation write mode, and then punch out.