Suggestion for Dorico 3 // second Piano Roll view


I’m currently evaluating the Elements trial version. I’m still confident that after mastering the initial learning curve it will prove to be useful for me :slight_smile:

However, one very practical feature seems to be missing, which I used many times in Musescore (MS) 3: A different Piano Roll.

In MS when working on a sheet I can activate a view, which shows me all selected notes on a Piano keyboard. This works both ways: from notes to keyboard for checking, and as input from this virtual keyboard to sheet notes.

I find this very useful, when I don’t have a MIDI-master or a real keyboard attached. E.g. when working with chords it’s good to verify what I entered is what I want. Or when checking one bar, whether or not it follows chord notes or neighboring notes. Kindly check the attachements.
I’d appreciate when Dorico provides this additinal in the Write section in near future :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum, MS-SPO, and thanks for your suggestion. It’s certainly something we may consider for a future version.

Thanks + Fine :slight_smile: