SUGGESTION for Engrave mode

Here is a suggestion I have, after coming across this issue now several times.

Currently I can only see how “full” a system is by being in the note spacing tool (which is fine). However, there are times Dorico is filling systems to only 47%, 53%, etc. I would like to maybe combine two of these system using the “make into system” tool. The issue, is that I need to keep switching back and forth to see how full a system is, to see which ones I might consider forcing together, or moving bars together, etc. It would be nice, if I could see how “full” a system is without having to constantly with back and forth between tools.

Maybe some sort of a toggle?


Yes, we’ve toyed with this idea ourselves. I can’t make any promises but it’s not impossible that we might add something like this in future.

Robby, I’d like to echo you here. I’d also appreciate this very much.

I’d also really love the ability to see how full the systems are without having to switch into Note Spacing mode. It would make casting off more efficient.

I’d also love for the Note Spacing Change window to be non-modal, so I could fool with the settings without having to continue closing and reopening it.

Dear Jeffrey,
I’m quite sure I read a thread where Daniel tells there will be some new stuff in the next update, regarding the info about vertical fullness of pages. You know that you can assign keyboard shortcuts for every submode of engrave mode ? I’ve assigned alt-cmd-3/4/5 and 6 to Frame/System spacing/Note spacing and Graphic (to be consistent with page view/galley view) but you can choose whatever suits you best.

Thanks Marc - these are excellent suggestions for keyboard shortcuts!

Dear Marc, thanks for the suggestion; yes, I’m a big fan of keyboard shortcuts and have these submodes already mapped to shortcuts. My request still stands, since it would be more efficient to be able to toggle the fullness indicators on and off in Graphic Editing and Frame submodes. I’m sure I’m not alone: when I’m working on casting off, I would like immediate feedback when I adjust the spacing and things move around, and I’m sure the same will be true about the vertical fullness indicator Daniel says is coming. Seeing Dorico’s calculated percentages of how full the systems and pages are is a great way to help aide when adjusting note spacing changes and figuring out page turns, and constantly toggling back and forth among the Engrave submodes is annoying, even with keyboard shortcuts.

Regarding vertical “fullness”:

Right, right. My suggestion is that we should be able to toggle it on and off not only in the Staff Spacing submode.

I don’t see why knowing how “full” a system is is important at all; what matters is that the music should be visually pleasing and/or easy to read, not whether a program (arbitrarily) says “100%”, or am I missing something?

Dear Jeffrey,
I actually agree with you :wink:

Thanks, Marc :slight_smile:
VIPStephan, of course it’s not essential, it just can be nice to have additional info as our eyes are doing all the hard work. Dorico’s internal calculations can be useful—for example, when comparing two pages/systems to decide if they are equally full. Obviously our eyes are the final arbiter!

EDIT: I’ll try to give you an example. I’m looking at a page right now where the last three systems look too spacey to me (horizontally). I add a Note Spacing Change to reduce the space allotted to a quarter note, but nothing reflows from system to system—clearly, Dorico still thinks the current arrangement of staves on staves is good. Looking at the percentages in the Note Spacing mode shows me exactly what Dorico thinks of my current settings, and how much further I would need to yank down the spacing allotted to a quarter note to make a substantial change. My eyes are the judge, but seeing a little more of Dorico’s internal logic helps me adjust things to make them look right.