Suggestion for futur DAW products


Slate Digital & Waves (soon) have good products to emulate vintage console summing. Why don’t put this thing directly in the DAW ? That will be cool, don’t have to open many instance of a plugin etc.

You think that will be a good idea ??? Please developpers, put this in Cubase 7 :mrgreen:

(sorry for my bad english)

Track list like Pro Tools. A pro yamaha “feel” for the graphics.
A automatic buss system. At least simplified. Easier preferences. More detailed mixer.

Ah! That frisson of excitement one feels when you think of a suggestion that will impress the hell out of cleverer people. :mrgreen: The only snag is that the cleverer people at Ableton have already done it for us. :laughing:
As it takes 3 to 5 years to thoroughly get to grips with Cubase from scratch it’s best to wait until you find that feature or it’s absence rather than suggest improvements not found there after a couple of weeks.
Features that are found in Cubase that involve more than one button push are often referred to as “workarounds”. :mrgreen:

And as it takes a fairly long time to learn Cubase it’s best to not expect the developers to give the user too many more brand new things to learn too soon. So even the best suggestions will take some time to arrive.
As to the OPs suggestion. There is Wavelab7.

My suggestion. A suggestion box.

I tend to agree. Yes, you can do this now on a per channel basis, but it would be cool if you could open
an entire mixer/console that the look/feel/sound of any of the number of vintage consoles