Suggestion for future: Can Insert Mode flash or something while it's on?

Suggestion for future version:
Insert mode, even in its current iteration, is very powerful and I use it a lot.
So much so that sometimes I forget to switch it off, occasionally with unfortunate results.
So it would be lovely if it could somehow say things like: I’m still here! Do you really want to do that with me around?
Or is it just me?
Also, and unrelated, it would be nice if I could choose some notes from a series of chords and with a click or two turn them into a new voice in the same staff. j

To your second point: You could cut them and “paste to voice”.

Or right click and change voice. Admittedly you can’t create a new voice on the fly here.

Oh, and with the left panel in Write mode on I’m very happy with the Insert mode icon just being highlighted. Flashing is not only unnecessary but also obtrusive, from my point of view (and I suppose that relates to flashing of any kind!)

“Paste to voice sounds hopeful”–thanks.

Yes you can! :wink:

I stand corrected! Thanks Anders :slight_smile:

“Paste Into Voice” did the trick, so thanks!
And if I find I’m going to do this a lot, Keyboard Maestro will come in handy for assigning the shortcut.j