Suggestion for Galley View with multiple flows

Would it be possible to show the Flow Title somewhere? Maybe a little info line next to, or before the Layout dropdown? Or down at the bottom where it shows Concert Pitch, bar number etc


The current flow, i.e. the one that you have most recently selected something in, is shown in the window title at the top of the project window, but of course if you are simply scrolling through a long project and you haven’t selected anything in the flow that’s currently in front of you, you won’t know which flow that is until you select something there and look at the window title.

That’s true Daniel, but (on my Macbook) in full screen view, the window title isn’t visible (haven’t checked on Windows)

Actually, come to think about it, it’s no hardship to just whizz the mouse up the screen to make the window title visible, so put my suggestion on the very most back burner.