Suggestion for graphic slice

I am beginning work on a music education video set (about 60+ 30 minute videos). The videos will require MANY music graphics. I am trying very hard to be as consistent as possible with the graphic slice. Sometimes that is harder than it sounds, especially when the graphic slices cover multiple pages.

It would be nice, if there was some sort of measurement/ruler system, where perhaps it measures from the top line and the bottom line, as well as from the left edge and right edge of the music. That way I can create graphic frames that are 100% the same from graphic slice to graphic slice.

I understand that this is far from trivial to implement. But I think this would be incredibly helpful for those doing examples for music texts, video, graphics, etc.

Below is an example of something I mocked up. I am sure the team might be able to have a better idea, if this one is impossible or not practical.


Additionally, it would be nice if the frames of the graphic slices displayed as hairline width rather than the overbold ones we have now. Same with music, text and graphics frames.