Suggestion for improvement in Dorico - play instructions

I’ve a suggestion for small improvement in Dorico (see also attached screenshot):

I would like to insert the play instruction “col legno battuto” analog to “pizz.” in a short way (“”). This saves space, avoids (possible) collisions and is often used in this short way.

If you use “alternative text”, Dorico adds (!) this text at the end; in my opinion there is no way of replacement at the moment.

Is it possible to offer an option (e.g a checkbox) that adjusts whether to add the “alternative text” or replace the original text completely?

We still have more work to do on playing techniques, both on expanding the repertoire of techniques included (and ultimately allowing you to create your own), and also on fixing up things like the ‘Alternative text’ behaviour. I’m sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime – you’ll have to use Shift+X text for the time being.