Suggestion for improvement in gallery view

I don’t know, if this has allready been addressed:

If you scroll in the gallery view, the instruments and clefs on the left, if they disappear, will continue to be displayed in blue. The bar numbers above should also behave that way when scrolling down the score. For example if I want to edit the organ, I can not see at this time, in which bar I work. That would be very helpful especially for large scores.

I concur. This could also be applied to rehearsal marks.

I think this has been mentioned before and Daniel might’ve logged it.

Yes, we do plan to make the bar numbers appear on every stave in due course.

Is it possible to make the bar numbers visible above e.g. the violin section right now? This is of course very important if you work in larger scores. I couldn’t find any button to set this. Did search for it at least half an hour. Thanks for help.
Other than that I’m very impressed by dorico after a short exploration. Coming from Sibelius

Unfortunately not at the moment, Markus, though this is something we intend to add in future.

I would love to see the time code and markers behave this way as well. I have the same problem loosing the bar when scrolling down while finding a market or timecode in galley view.

Uh, this is really something I didn’t expect. So I hope it will be a very near future to have it implemented. Yes and markers as well please.