suggestion for lay-out of note palette

Still trying to get used to the numbers 2 through 9 standing somewhat arbitrarily for note values, and found the process confused by casting my glance towards the note palette to the left of the work space: the larger note value in the palette is to the left in each pair, whereas, of course, in the number row, the values get larger as they move to the right.

I might suggest a reordering of the palette starting with the smallest values at the top:

Thus the 8 most basic ones would appear as follows:

64th [2] 32nd [3]
16th [4] 8th [5]
Quarter [6] Half [7]
Whole [8] Breve [9]

Since IIRC you can customize these shortcuts, it seems unlikely Dorico will change them.

Derrek I think you didn’t get it, the suggestion of Xaptke was regarding the visual of the rhythm palette.

I must say I don’t agree with your suggestion of inverting the vertical order, but you got a point there :
the decreasing order of the palette buttons
(from left to right : half note -> quarter / 8th note -> 16th note and so on)
combined with global increasing from bottom to up.
is completely counterintuitive with the increasing left-to-right 1->9 on the keyboard.

I strongly suggest this as a better design for the palette (quickly made mockup),
where you can see the values growing from bottom left to top right,
much more “similar” directionality to the keyboard layout.

Keeping the longest values on top makes sense : they are by definition bigger.

To keep it simple : please spare our brains and invert those columns :slight_smile:

My mistake. Yes, changing the pallet might make sense.

Look, I thought of that alternative, too, Julien, but I don’t see it as more intuitive than my suggestion. If it were just a set of numbers you wouldn’t put them like this:

8 9
6 7
4 5
2 3

Or at least, I wouldn’t. I imagine that is why Dorico did it the way they did, which still strikes me as counterintuitive and at odds with the left to right movement of the keyboard and music-writing.

This is one of many places where a customizable interface would be very desirable.