there is one thing i like about Digital Performer , i wish Cubase had , is when in midi KEY EDITOR selecting all tracks show the midi notes but in a none color white except the active track, in Digital performer the midi notes retain the track color this way you can see which track needs adjusting and white can be confusing, and i would have to de select the tracks to find the right midi note

would be wonderful to have this at least as an option

Cubase has this feature implemented in a much more robust way. I don’t have the manual handy where I’m at, but I’m sure that with a bit of exploration you will find it. Check out the Event colors menu in the Key Editor toolbar.

AMAZING one thing about cubase there’s always a surprise


found this

In 8, the default setting on “Part” is for only the active part to display it’s track color. The rest of the events are all the same gray. There is no visual information about the texture, forcing the user to swap back and forth between active parts. This is fine in most cases, but it is really nice to have a quick reference without having to switch away from the track that a user is working on.

It displays the part color, not the the track color. In the Project window you can set the parts to the colors you want.

If you want all your parts to have the same color as the tracks they are on, select all parts, and set them to “Default Color”

(I don’t know what you mean by “texture,” however)

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.45.59 PM (3).png

the post about texture is was from a another post from another user

i dont believe where on the same issue
the attachment shows what i mean to the left DP9 to the roght Cubase 8.5
sorry but i do see the color options but not for my suggestion

Look at the attached image from Cubase. On the left the 4 MIDI Parts are each a different color. In the key editor the notes for each part are shown in the corresponding color (e,g. the brown notes are from the brown part). This is because the Event Color (upper right corner) is set to Part. You can also set the Event Color to a variety of other useful choices.
PS. pay no attention to the actual notes shown - they were just randomly drawn and have no musical basis. :astonished:

@rangerx You have Note Expression display enabled.

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thanks issue solved
and thanks for your help!!!

Good catch. Guess that’s why they let you wear the green. :mrgreen:

If you have them in a folder track you can select that and have selectable (from a dropdown) active tracks.

Well, yes, but that is also true if you simply select multiple parts to open in the Key Editor.