Suggestion for new Feature: Comment/note track

It would be helpful to be able to add comments to audio, midi and fx tracks.
For example, when evaluating an audio track in a project, it would be helpful to be able to insert a flag, note or comment “on the fly” at various points along the track as a reminder for possible later edits.
Soundcloud files have a useful “Add note” feature which might translate to Cubase tracks.
Another approach would be to create specialised tracks (like marker tracks) which could contain comments.
I realise that there is a notepad panel in the Inspector, but this does not permit comments to be inserted at points along the track.


You can use the Marker track, right?


Yes, the marker track is sufficient. Or simply add a midi track, create empty events with the pen tool and rename them with your notes in the infoline.

Here’s something I would appreciate:

Comments/notes for each midi track that STAYS with the track when exported and then gets imported somewhere else. Sometimes I create “test” or “default” midi tracks that I bring in (import) to new projects to experiment with new sounds, beats, etc. Or, when saved and sent to a collaborator. However, when I (or someone else) imports this midi file, all comments specific to that track are not transferred.

If I understand correctly, the above suggestions pertain more to comments for the entire project.

I don’t think that a standard MIDI file has the capability to embed these types of performance notes as part of the MIDI file. I could be mistaken.

Have you experimented with exporting the notepad data info, File - Export - Notepad Data? This will take all of the text found in the inspector notepad from all tracks and export it as a standard text file.

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