Suggestion for new type of track.

I wold like to suggest that a track similar to a regular track be developed where I can write detailed text in it. It would need to wrap within the track box to fit to the number of bars that I draw it and have basic text editing functions. This could be used for writing any type of notes such as ‘continue working on synth bit from here’ or ‘work on the drum section here’.
I am a songwriter and use song scaffolding to learn new ways to arrange and write songs. For those not familiar with scaffolding, I choose a song I like and get an A4 page and break it up into 12 squares. In each of those squares I write down what is happening in each part of the song. For example in square 1 I might give it the heading INTRO and write ‘2 x phrases of picking guitar with lead guitar hook phrase running over it’. In square 2 1ST VERSE ‘same picking guitar for 2 phrases with lyrics over it’ In square 3 1ST CHORUS ‘single chord pad held for each bar of chorus to emphasize vocals over picking guitar, with sparse harmony, and kick drum on 2nd and 4th beat’. I then structure my song on these production notes with new words and chords.
I believe this function would be a worthy addition to what is already superior songwriting software!