Suggestion for next Dorico update

Dear Dorico team,
Here goes one more suggestion for whatever update. In Layout Options / Vertical Spacing / Staff Visibility: what about creating 2 or 3 Configurations for “Players excluded from Hide Empty Staves”? This way one could create, for example, Configuration 1 for full orchestra, Configuration 2 for strings only or whatever and, when manually configuring staff visibility in the score (“Manual Staff Visibility”) could just click the desired configuration, instead of going through the whole list so many times. Great time saver.
Let’s see if other people have the same idea.

I think you can do this in setup.
You can creat a custom layout and include only strings to be shown in that layout.

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I don’t think that’s what Guilherme is asking here though, rather to have certain staff visibility presets within a layout, in order to save a lot of clicking through the Manual Staff Visibility dialog.
You can sort of do that by setting the signpost once, then copy-pasting it wherever you need it again. Oddly enough you can only do this in Write mode.


Thank you, hrnbouma,
Your work-around is amazing, it does work! It has some catches, but will do it.
Just to make it clearer: I thought of something like: Config 1 - full orchestra (with picc, English horn, piano, harp…), Config 2 - strings + anyone who plays (to fit 2 systems on a page), Config 3 - standard orchestra (when Config 2 doesn’t fit 2 systems on a page and you don’t want a crowded page like it will get with Config 1). With those pre-sets one would be able to format with no effort practically every page in a score.