Suggestion for Page view

This might have been brought up before, but I thought it was worth mentioning again.

It is very nice in Galley view that one is able to see the instrument belonging to the staff on the left side (it would be nice if the measure numbers carried through as you scrolled down). However, it would be VERY nice if the same could be done in page view. The difference is that maybe in page view it could be on a toggle (show/don’t show).

I do a lot of work on full scores, and therefore I find myself often working in page view, at least for this current project. For some reason depending on the way I receive the original music depends on how I work (Galley view vs Page view).


We certainly do plan to show bar numbers on every staff when the View option is switched on in both page and galley view, and I agree that seeing the instrument names could be useful in page view as well.