Suggestion for "Pitch Correct" plugin

As the Pitch Correct plugin currently works, the transposition function is applied AFTER pitch correction - which is not all that useful because it shifts the audio off key.

What would be more useful would be to have the transposition applied BEFORE the pitch correction such that the plugin could be used to generate diatonic harmonies per the selected scale.

I currently create auto-harmonies using two daisy-chained instances of the plugin. The first is transposing, the second snapping to scale. This could all be done with one plugin given the suggested option/change.

In other words, by reversing the transpose and pitch correction order this plugin could become a dual purpose “Pitch Corrector/Harmonizer”.

Aloha f,

Interesting approach.

I’ll give your method a try.


For best results (best tracking/least glitching) set the transposition amount to a point in between intervals. For example, if you want to shift up a third use a transpose setting of 3.5 semitones. That way the note is more easily snapped to a major (4 semitones) or minor (3 semitones) note as required per the scale in the second stage (pitch corrector). It seems to warble less that way.

The first stage (transpose) pitch corrector should be purely a transpose function - all other settings set to Off or 0. Apply any formant changes in the second stage as desired to give the most realistic sound at the new pitch. Tweak the speed and tracking controls to give the best performance (as always).

The neat thing about this approach is that once you set it up all you have to do is change the first stage (transpose) setting and you instantly have a different harmony interval. You can even change it on the fly via automation.

Mix it in at low levels with the original vocal and it sounds quite convincing! Just for fun I created a 5 part harmony and added in the “cloner” effect on each. WOW! Sounds like a whole room full of singers - all from 1 vocal track.

Fender19, Soundcloud that bite, don’t tease me with what might turn out to be a room full of singing hamsters.