Suggestion for plugin name readability

Sorry if this has been mentioned before… Just now thought of this:

We have a plugin information screen all ready. If Steinberg developers could just add a column to that screen that was user accessible, we could create our own aliases. This would only be useful if we could also save the aliases and the alias name would show in the mixer sends and inserts. Here are the benefits:

  1. No heuristics need be applied to abbreviations. The abbreviation is what makes sense to the user.
  2. I would be free to do away with the vendor prefixes. ex. UAD Neve 1081 becomes Neve 1081 or just 1081.
  3. Any time a rescan of plugins is required, just reload the saved aliases.
  4. The user would only have to create aliases once.

I know it would be a pain the first time but frankly, even in 6.5, I hate having every plugin start with the vendor name. I’ve always wanted this feature. Just never bothered to post it.

What do you think?

I think this is a good idea but it belongs in the FR forum. Anyway, +1 from me.