Suggestion for the basso continuo indication

Hi, although it is not correct to write the basso continuo in this way, I have to repeat exactly what is written in the manuscript, so the # 9 must necessarily be under the rest of the other numbers.
I checked in the various menus concerning the basso continuo and, although there is in the “Note insertion options”, the indication “follow the literal insertion” where it specifies that it can be inserted as per the manuscript, I cannot get the corresponding setting .
Maybe someone can tell me about some other option I need to select?


Perhaps the new options added in 3.5.10 concerning compound intervals will help? Take a look at the Compound Intervals heading within the Figures section on the Figured Bass page of Engraving Options.

Thanks, check now.

No, unfortunately there is no change.

In that case you may need to resort to using a text-based method for inputting these particular figures, e.g. using Figurato. To ensure consistency with the rest of the figures, you could edit the symbols in the figured bass category in the Engrave > Music Fonts dialog to use Figurato instead of Bravura.

Does this mean I need to install the Figurato font?
I apologize for my not perfect English.

That’s right, Figurato isn’t part of Dorico but rather a font produced by @fkretlow that provided support for figured bass via text items before Dorico had a dedicated feature for it.

Thank you and good day…