suggestion for the playback line

I would like to suggest that the playback line either be much thinner or far more transparent.

When you play back music, and stop, the dark thick green line is in the middle of a bar. If you start doing work in that bar, the line obscures some content. Then you need to find the rewind button and move it out of the way. If the line was the thickness of a stem, or a touch bigger, it would be no issue. Or if the line was more transparent, it too would be no issue.


I agree with this one… especially since there seems to be no way of getting rid of the playback line once it’s brought into the score.

To add on a little more to this idea, I think the signpost icons suffer in a similar manner and tend to get in the way… a little too large, and a little too opaque, for being strictly informational text. They just compete too much with the notation, and sometimes need to be turned off all together because they block some edits from happening…which ideally I’d like to do with signposts remaining on.

+1 on both.


I’ve implemented the option to hide the line if you aren’t playing back. Does that help?

I think the line is unnecessarily intrusive being that thick. One can see even the thinnest line when it’s moving. And a thinner and/or more transparent stationary line would still be easily spotted because it uniquely runs through the whole system.

Paul that sounds like a reasonable answer to me. But I also think a little thinner would be nice as well.


That would be great, Paul