Suggestion for Trackversions

I LOVE trackversions, but I had a great idea when working with them today that I think could be a really amazing feature.

Say you’re comping a vocal or dialogue performance, it would be really incredible to have a submenu for “send selection to version” or something like that. So imagine

Version 1 - empty (for your comp track)
Version 2 - Performance A
Version 3 - Performance B
Version 4 - Performance C

You could then view all of the versions, then make an edit selection, and be able to “send to another version” from a menu or key command. I imagine something like a menu:

Send Selection to Previous Version
Send Selection to Next Version
Send Selection to First Version
Send Selection to Last Version
Send Selection to New Version
Or even perhaps “send to master version” - where you can designate one of the versions the “master track”

or something like that. That way when editing a vocal, you could easily just select the part of the track, and it would send up to Version 1 (comp track for example). The same would go for editing drums. You could just select the best beat from each version, then “send to master version” or whatever for the best drum section. I think that would be incredible.

+1 In ProTools you can see all TrackVersions / Playlist at one time and move clips up or down.