[Suggestion] - Force Vertical Spacing

I have a suggestion, that I cannot seem to find anywhere in Dorico, so if I am missing something, please tell me.

I would like to request a “Force Vertical Spacing” element for stave spacing. I am trying to work on worksheets, where each individual exercise will one day be exported into a graphic format and added into a text document. I currently have a score that has a 2 parts paired sort of like the grand staff (acting as one part - such as a piano staff).

In my current project each “exercise” is its own flow (I have about 60+ flows), I have allowed “Flows on existing pages”.

On some pages of my document, the space between the 2 staves is larger than on other pages. Which I understand is due to the casting off. Since the project will not be used as a complete document, rather I will export as a PNG (or other graphic type) and crop out specific exercises, I would like to have a “Force Vertical Spacing” option where the space between the 2 staves will be rigid through out and not move with music. This will in doubt leave pages that aren’t justified completely top to bottom, but as I said, I will be exporting as graphics and don’t need the page to look a specific way, just the exercises.

If this is possible, please let me know. If not, can this be added as a feature request.


Well, if I understand your situation, I’d say you have three possibilities:

— You can copy the staff spacing between pages;
— You can disable all engraving rules that would modify the ideal spacing between staves;
— If you’re working with Flows, perhaps you should have a custom page size, set to the desired dimensions of the image output, so as to ensure consistency.

I’ve tried suggestion #1 (copy staff spacing), the problem is this appears to only work when you have the same number of staves per page.

I thought I looked, but I will investigate further #2, and #3 is something that may be the answer I am looking for. I will work a little more with it.

Thanks for the suggestions!


You are absolutely right. Copy staff spacing only works if you have the same staves for each system in a page, which is not often the case in a vocal score with different hidden staves (singers that do not sing all the time). But when I can use it, I find it is a very powerful tool.

Have you tried using the same Master page (default) for each page to force the same number of staves on a page?

What about creating a master page with multiple separate frames on it (all set to show frame chain MA) - one frame for each system. It may require a little manual tweaking but you can guarantee that there will be the same number of systems on each page, in the same places.

See screenshot.

I have not even thought of that… using master pages to ensure uniformity.

I’ll give that a try soon.