Suggestion: Improvement for Right Menu in Write Mode

From the beginning I was a little irritated with the right menu in Write Mode.

My Problem:
If you open any of the items like Clefs, Tempo or Dynamics and close the menu with the “>” arrow, the item still is marked blue though it doesn’t seem to influence anything you do with the software from then on.

Solution 1:
When the “>” arrow closes the menu, the blue mark should be removed.

Solution 2 (my preferred):
Remove the arrow completely and use the items themselves to toggle the menu. For example:

  1. Click on Clef -> Clef Menu opens
  2. Do what you like to do
  3. Click on Clef again -> Clef Menu closes
    That would feel more intuitive to me.

Thanks for your suggestions, which we’ll certainly consider. We think it’s useful to show which panel will appear when you reopen the panel, either by typing Ctrl+9 to show the right panel, or by typing Ctrl+0 to unhide any panels you’ve previously hidden with Ctrl+0, or by clicking on the disclosure arrow below the toolbox buttons. Because you can interact with the panels with shortcuts as well as with the mouse, I think there’s some value to know what will be shown there when you show it again.

From the short cuts point of view it kind of makes sense, you’re right! Though I don’t think it is very important to see what was opened last. If you use the short cut you’ll end up on the same panel either way.
I played a little with my graphics program. You could use a small blue bar when it is closed or even easier just gray it out?
Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-07 um 10.56.43.png

Whether or not you decide to keep the previously open panel highlighted, +1 for the suggestion of being able to close the panel by re-clicking the button. At least the panels in Photoshop work like this, and old habits die hard.

My current workflow for closing the panel is that I first re-click the button, then remember that it doesn’t work like that, and then click the little arrow on the bottom. :slight_smile:

Same goes for me and even my not so computer-experienced girlfriend. In addition I get a bad feeling when something is highlighted but actually doesn’t do anything :wink: It’s like you are in some “special mode” and don’t know if the software will behave as expected or do weird things in the background.