Suggestion/Input: I'm feeling there is a bit of a disconnect between Warp Loop and Patterns

Slice Looping seems to be working pretty great in conjunction with Patterns,

but slicing doesn’t always work great depending on the content and type of sound/instrument, and so warp with sync can be utilized.

I feel like warp with sync is not as smooth to operate though.

I think potentially is because in the pattern editor, or functions, there is no way to send a hold/sustain message to the pad that contains the warp loop, not allowing someone for instance to use the sample playback mode ‘until release’

only ‘one shot’ works which doesn’t function ideally because the sound continues to play when maybe you want to release and stop on a certain beat.

there’s definitely something here that needs to be ironed out a bit, can’t quite put my finger on it yet or maybe I have above.


Maybe never mind, I figured it out with ‘showing note length’ in the pattern editor and drawing full length of loop, this seems to work better with toggling on/off patterns.

Nope. there’s still a bit of a disconnect here I think because my workaround only half-works. The problem with creating long midi notes, is that the loop sample won’t start playing if the playback is halfway through the MIDI note data… ie, it will only play if it gets MIDI note start.

So maybe ‘Chase Notes’ MIDI option per pattern needs to be added so that playback will begin at any point in a MIDI note, or in general, using patterns and normal non-sliced samples utilizing tempo sync’d warp needs to be improved in another way.

The main issue I’m having with it, Is I can’t seem to find a performance balance between the Pattern ‘Play Mode’ and the Sample ‘Loop Mode’ where the sample will continue playing back if I press the pad, but will also stop when I stop.

One Shot will work, but it’s downside is that the sample wont stop playing If I change Patterns or just stop playback, or de-toggle a pattern.

I think maybe, it could have a secondary slice protocol that us contained within a single pad sample ( - not - assigning per slice per pad).

This pad-internal slice protocol would be just for beat sync, as well as pattern based performance/control, and as an additional thing, these slices could be assigned their own MIDI channel and CCnote# and triggered externally from outside GA if needed.

Does this make sense?