Suggestion: Instrument name change dialog

Just a suggestion: could the text fields for the instrument name dialog be offset slightly so the cursor is visible? Guide lines would be nice too. Maybe something like this:

Instrument name dialog.png

Unfortunately not, otherwise we would already have done it!

I’m going to jump in for a related question. Please let me know if this deserves a new thread. If I have breached etiquette and hijacked, I apologize.

Is there a way to make the “in Bb” designation on the staff go away? I just want it to say “Trumpet” or “Clarinet” when I’m not writing for an ensemble where those details are necessary? I know that in some instances it is necessary, but it is a rarity in my use.

I’ve not been able to find a way to edit anything other than the instrument name itself. I can change trumpet to “Blastyface,” but is still says “Blastyface in Bb” on my score. :slight_smile:


To change this for one instrument only, in the Edit Instrument Name dialog (in Setup mode), select the option to never show the transposition.

You can set it globally under Layout Options – Staves and Systems.

And I thought the Blastyface only came in A. :confused:

:blush: Oh. Hidden in plain sight. Sorry about that. :blush:

I’m not used to seeing things in that format and totally overlooked it.


(and blastyface is historically and most traditionally in E#, P.D.Q. Bach used it extensively.)