Suggestion: Integrated Issue Reporting function in Cubase

Truly love Cubase 10 Pro, but I miss the issue reporting menu i used to have in Logic Pro, before I moved to Cubase.

This would be great to have an opportunity to get a direct reporting path to steinberg representatives and will offer richer help both (user and developers) ways:

  1. The new issue reporting feature could offer to also send the current project and log data (maybe zipped) archive if small enough or even stripped(i.e. audio files may be choosen to not be sent) , hence providing a richer information to developers to be able to identify an issue more easily.

  2. It could as well automatically grab user configuration relevant information and propose to send it too (with user agreement) , as that would provide a complete context to developers instead of translated experience in forum reporting, prone to human errors/ inaccuracies.

Ideally, it could then be triaged at Steinberg and the staff could decide to follow up when interested, with the user email (mandatory when reporting a bug).

Thanks for considering this.
(Sorry if suggestion was already asked i searched through this forum before I created that suggestion and could not find any entry)


Pretty much standard nowadays.

Regards :sunglasses: