SUGGESTION: Invisible Barlines

I suggest you create a note in that bar in all staves and hide it by making it stemless and transparent or scaled to 1% size.

Thank you Daniel, scaling down to 1% gave the desired result :slight_smile:

I could create independent invisible bar-lines with the help of a comment which I saw in another topic.
If you go to ‘Engraving Options’ → ‘Design’ and you put both values for ‘Dash length’ and ‘Gap length’ for dotted barlines on ‘0’, you can enter dotted barlines like you did, but in place of dotted barlines, you’ll get invisible barlines :wink:

above with invisible (dotted) barlines, beneath with normal barlines:

You’ve been tricked by the new forum; this thread is two years old. Indeed, you can fake invisible barlines as you say. This is also very useful when in open meter and you need a final “box” (handle) to adjust note spacing.

you may find the file here: