Suggestion: key-click combinations for filters

I use filtering a lot. Just thinking…

I know Shift, Alt, and Ctrl-click are taken. But what about Ctrl-Alt-click or Shift-Alt-click to invoke the current filter settings for a given selection of music?

Just thinking, since filtering is inherently a selection function. And “alt” could represent a modified selection.

Perhaps shift-alt could select only the predetermined item, and Ctrl-alt could deselect it.

Sorry, Dan, I don’t think I follow. What are the “current filter settings”?

Well, I guess that would be an additional setting. User could select, say, chord symbols as his or her “primary” or preferred filter option. Then shift-alt-click could select only chords for a given section, and ctrl-alt-click could deselect.

I could see it being handy if a user is regularly filtering one particular element, like chords. And user could change the element in question as needed.

Right, I see. The Select More feature I was talking about yesterday would do this: select a chord symbol, invoke Select More, further chord symbols in the bar/system/flow will be selected.

Ah. I do like that.

What about an “Invert Selection”? That could come in handy and would pair nicely with Select More. As in, Select More selects all chord symbols, and Invert Selection selects everything BUT. In that selection area.

I don’t know if it’s worth the development. But thanks for considering.

I’ll certainly give it some thought!


Switching from Select Only to Deselect Only and viceversa means an ‘additional’ right click, before actually (de)selecting a filtered portion of music.

As SHIFT is usually associated with ‘reverting’ the direction of some gesture, what about holding the SHIFT key while browsing the Filter contextual menu to toggle “Deselect Only” and doing the whole operation in one move, regardless of the need of the moment?

Thank you.

Another idea: how about making a selection, then Ctrl+Alt+click (or whatever) on an item to filter only items of that type in the selection? An additional modifier for deselecting only that type of items. For situations where it is not possible to get the desired range with Select More.