Suggestion: Key Commands between Cubase and ARA2 Extension - Is there a better way to do this?

This is more of maybe a suggestion for Cubase ARA2 protocol than it is specifically for Spectralayers.

But I feel like we need some sort of Key Commands management between Cubase and ARA apps which allows key commands to be either shared, exclusive, or ignored/forwarded.


If I want to bring up my Cubase Marker management window, the key command is Ctrl+M.

But if Spectralayers does not have this key command, it should be ignored and forwarded to Cubase so that I can open the Cubase marker window. As it is, if Spectralayers is focused, I cannot do this, I have to select a Cubase zone.

I feel like this is sort of clunky control management. The objective should be to make any ARA2 extension software feel like it has become part of the program Cubase - but it you break all key command access to the main program - that’s the wrong direction imo.

It would be nice if extension key commands actually became embedded in the Cubase Key Commands and we had control like a Focus Exclusive option (benefit, you get to reuse key commands maybe already used by Cubase. And then, Global Exclusive are commands that are always active in either Cubase or the ARA2 program and can only be assigned to one program at a time.

ie, there are certain things I should be able to always bring up (like the marker window, the pool, etc) regardless of zone focus.

“Key commands Forwarding” could be an option on both software sides, so that if the focused software doesn’t have the key command that was just utilized, it is forwarded to the next program.

Great idea! +1