Suggestion: KeyCommand for InsertIntoVoice<...>

I use InsertIntoVoice1Upstem, InsertIntoVoice1Downstem quite often, when doing a piano reducton from a score.

I would like to be able to set a KeyCommand for Edit->ExtendedEdit->InsertIntoVoice->InsertIntoVoice1Upstem,…Voice1Downstem … etc. to avoid the four clicks necessary when diving down the menu tree.

It is currently only possible to set a KeyCommand on “InsertIntoVoice”, but this is more or less useless, without specifying the target voice.

As an alternative, it could be useful to make the MenuItem selections “sticky”… i.e. if a MenuItem with Subitems is clicked, do not close the Menu until a MenuItem was selected or something else was clicked on. Currently, if the mouse pointer leaves the MenuItem, the Menu is closed - if you do not drag a perfect line when clicking along ExtendedEdit-InsertIntoVoice-InsertIntoVoice1Upstem (which often happens to me), you loose the menu and you have to start again.

Is this possible with the UI-Toolkit used?

I can’t fault your feature request, but can I defend Paste Into Voice? I use it all the time!

How? For me, there is no action linked to the menu item “insert into voice”, it only opens only the next menu with “Insert into voice 1 upstem” etc.
How do you indicate in which voice you want to paste in your case?

You invoke the caret and then type V until the desired voice comes round, then you Paste Into Voice.

Ok thats useful. I did not expect that I can set a key shortcut to a menuitem that seems to have not action attached when clicked on.