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Not sure how to submit a suggestion to SB but it would be nice if we could puechase extension licenses. I have 3 computers but can only add my pro license to 2. I have lots of SB instruments and its a pain because I can’t use the 3rd computer. I could buy a 2nd license for the 3rd computer but I’d have to buy every instrument again. I feel that it would be nice if we could pay full price for a 2nd license that is extended from the first so all our licenses carried. like paying to add 1 more pc to the 1st license, instead of just 2 installs, we could do 3.

Just a suggestion.

What Release of Cubase do you have ?

If it is Cubase 12 or 13 you can activate Up to three computer at the same time. So your suggestion is reality since 2022.

In case it is Cubase 11 or earlier you need the eLicenser on each computer.

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@JuergenP is completely right.

To answer this one: Add the optional feature request tag to your post, please.