Suggestion: List of known issues and planned improvements

I know that the organization of this forum has been discussed ( I am not suggesting a subdivision of the forum, but wouldn’t it be useful to have a top-level (‘sticky’) topic collecting 1) known issues and 2) planned enhancements? This is not quite the same as the FAQ. I imagine it being editable by the Dorico team only to avoid lengthy replies and discussions - just a list.

Preferably each issue/enhancement on the list could even link to existing discussions in the forum to help concentrating the discussion of each issue i a single thread, saving everyone’s time and preventing a lot of repeating the same questions.

Sorry if my suggestion also has been discussed already. If so, my post just reveals that I find searching the forum effectively quite difficult as it grows.
For now, I am reluctant to post any new topics because I don’t want to repeat things. But having to browse though 20-30 pages of search results each time to check it simply is beyond my level of patience, so I tend to give up instead.

Otherwise thanks to the Dorico team for the great work you are doing! :slight_smile:

We’ve tried to collect together the things that come up often on the forum in the FAQ. I haven’t really been conscious of there being a lot of other issues coming up repeatedly that should be added to the FAQ, but I will give it some renewed thought over the next few days as I continue to respond to posts here.

As for a list of planned enhancements, that list would be hundreds of items long and just as unwieldy as searching through existing threads.

I wouldn’t worry about being reluctant to repeat things. I am certainly very happy to point you in the direction of existing discussions if you do happen to post something that has been discussed before and I have a recollection of it, and in general I think the growing community here is also very open to assisting everybody and sharing knowledge without any criticism either implicit or explicit if something has been discussed before.